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How to create a wedding vow


1. Start off simple, both of you write 10 things to describe your significant other.

2. Next, both of you write all about YOU? Lets start your second list with 10 things you want to promise this very special person and here are some traditional statements:
• Do you promise to be faithful with your body as well as with your mind and heart?
• Do you promise to support your partner even when he/she isn’t perfect?
• Do you promise to share all your resources?
• Do you promise to take care of the if he/she gets sick?
• Do you promise never to hold yourself back?
• Do you promise to love and to hold them dear to your heart?

3.  When you introduce your beloved, husband, wife, spouse, partner for life, partner in crime, you have to pick your terminology.  This is important in order to establish the tone of your vow.  This is a decision that should be made together. How are the words to describe different? Why are they different?

4. The next major decision to be made is if you are going to write individual vow, or if both of you will use the same vow.  If you decide to create individual vows, I suggest you to create the same ending statement to bring the union together while you are still being individual.

5. Now that you have established the tone, and if your vow is individual or combined, we go back to your two lists...lets prioritize them. Discuss them. Once you have decided on three or four of each list,  rewrite them on a new sheet of paper...I know it's a waste, but do it anyways. It's easier to focus on those without the distraction of other thoughts.

6. Once you have rewritten them onto another page, this will be the statements of your vow's, and the only thing left to finish is to end those vows with a commitment for life.

7.  I suggest reading the vows a few times with your maid of honor or best man and see how they feel, get the practice now, prior to the wedding. make sure it flows, and there's nothing you wish you had not said, and wish was once what one would wonder is a wonderful twister of a statement...

8.  Now that it's completed, be proud, you are providing the most important value to the wedding. LOVE.





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