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___ 1. Groom with each Groomsman

___ 2. Groom with all Groomsmen

___ 3. Groom with Best Man

___ 4. Groom with Ring Bearer

___ 5. Groom with his Parents

___ 6. Groom’s Parents

___ 7. Groom alone

___ 8. Bride with each Bridesmaid

___ 9. Bride with all Bridesmaids

___10. Bride Full Length

___11. Bride Length & Close-up

___12. Bride with Maid of Honor

___13. Bride with Flower Girl

___14. Bride with her Parents

___15. Bride’s Parents

___16. Placing garter on Bride’s leg

___17. Mom adjusting Bride’s veil

___18. Bride alone (casual)

___19. Bride with Groomsmen

___20. Groom with Bridesmaids






___21. Groom’s mother escorted down aisle

___22. Bride’s mother escorted down aisle

___23. Ushers unrolling aisle runner

___24. Bridesmaids going down aisle

___25. Maid of Honor going down aisle

___26. Flower girl & Ring Bearer in aisle

___27. Bride kissing her Dad on cheek

___28. Bride & Father going down aisle


Note: No’s 29 thru 33 are available light photographs.

 We don’t use flash during the actual ceremony and   may also re-shoot these as flash photographs afterward.

___29. Exchange of Vows (avail. light)

___30. Lighting of Candles (avail. light)

___31. Placing of Rings (avail. light)

___32. The Kiss (avail. light)

___33. Newlyweds returning down aisle





___34. Receiving line after ceremony

___35. Bride and Groom leaving church

___36. Bride and Groom entering car/Limo



___37. Bride & Groom with Bride’s Entire Family

___38. Bride & Groom with Bride’s ImmediateFamily

___39. Bride & Groom with Bride’s Parents

___40.Bride & Groom with Groom’s Entire Family


___41. Bride & Groom with Groom’s Immediate Family

___42. Bride & Groom with Groom’s Parents

___43. Bride & Groom with Wedding Party

___44. Bride & Groom with B. Man & M of Honor

___45. Bride & Groom with F. Girl & R. Bearer

___46. Bride & Groom Full Length

___47. Bride & Groom Lenth & Close-Up

___48. Bride with Groomsmen

___49. Groom with Bridesmaids



___ Other ____________________________________________________________________




___50. Cake before cutting

___51. Wedding Party entering Reception

___52. Best Man Toast

___53. Wedding Party Toast

___54. Bride and Groom Toast each other

___55. Bride and Groom Cutting the Cake

___56. Feeding each other cake

___57. Bride and Groom Dancing

___58. Bridal Party Dance

___59. Bride Dancing with her Father

___60. Groom Dancing with his Mother

___61. Bride Throwing Bouquet

___62. Groom removing Bride’s Garter

___63. Groom throwing the Garter

___64. Garter & Bouquet Recipients

___65. Various Candid Photographs



___ Other


       Your Picture Checklist is useful as a GUIDELINE for your wedding day photographs. Although every effort will be made to complete your requests, time delays or restrictions may substantially reduce or alter the number of photographs taken. Late starts, bridal party or family members not present, and extended ceremonies and/or receiving lines are events over which we have no control.


       It’s also very important to reserve sufficient time for pre-ceremony coverage (1 hours prior to wedding), and your formal photography session (30-40 min. after altar return). Please make sure your wedding coordinator or other responsible church personnel understands your time requirements and agrees to provide the facility for your exclusive use. We cannot be responsible for time delays, photography restrictions or insufficient time allowances that make it impossible to complete your photographs.



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