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Planning Your Wedding Day

The best insurance of having a smooth running wedding is to plan enough time for what's important to you. Ask the professionals you are hiring how much time they will need to perform their duties and then make up a tentative schedule. But don't expect to stay on schedule to the minute, you can't control most of the things going on around you on your wedding day. Your photographer is one of the best people to ask for assistance in this area, because he/she is one of the few professionals that see every wedding from start to finish. Don't hesitate to give us a call if you need help.


Save on Invitations

When ordering invitations, keep in mind that you don't usually need an invitation for each and every guest. You only need one per couple and if young children are invited, you'll only need one per family. Although, you may want to send older children living at home, they’re own invitation. I would also recommend that you order about 15 extra invitations to allow for mistakes when addressing or names you may have forgotten about. You should also realize that larger invitations usually require extra postage, which can add up quickly.


Mr. and Mrs. Who?

When making your honeymoon plans with your travel agent, make sure you get your flight and room confirmation numbers. Wait about a week, and then call the airline and hotel to reconfirm your reservations. Don't panic if they don't know who you are.

Sometimes travel packages save flight and room reservations in blocks, just make sure you're included in the block.


Long Sleeves

If any of the men, or boys, in your bridal party have smaller builds or shorter arms, here's an easy way to prevent their sleeves from falling down all day. Simply put a rubber band or two around their upper arm to hold the sleeve up. Of course, this is assuming they are wearing jackets!


Wedding Day Emergency Kit

* Safety pins * Needle and thread * Pen and small pad of paper * Scissors * Super Glue - For broken heels etc... * Tissues *  Extra pair of nylons * Tic-Tack candy (for bribing flower girls and ring bearers) * Aspirin or Tylenol * Duct tape (Tape it directly to your skin to prevent blisters) * Coins for pay phone/meter * Clear Nail Polish * Nail file * Your color nail polish * Hand Lotion * Bobby pins * Ammonia inhalant (in case of fainting) * Bandages * Acid relief tablet * Hair Spray * Ear ring backs * Corsage pins * Straws (to not mess up lipstick) *  Eye drops (remove red eye) * baby powder/wipes (removes last minute spills on wedding dress) * Extra pair of contacts * static guard/anti wrinkle spray * Snacks * Phone list of all involved in wedding * Spray/stick spot remover * Mirror * Flat shoes for after the wedding * Perfume/deodorant * Hair Dryer (for hair or dress after stain removal) *


Don't Touch

Try to avoid touching the flowers in your bouquet. The oil and salt in your fingers will make them turn brown prematurely, especially in the warmer months.



It's easier to smile if you are not in pain. You will be a lot more comfortable on your wedding day if you break in you’re new shoes beforehand. Wear them around the house for a few hours each week, starting about a month before your wedding. You may also want to go outside and scuff the soles on the sidewalk for a little better traction on church runners, stairs and dance floors. Now!


Hello...Good bye

If you have 150 guests and you plan a half-hour for your  receiving line, you'll have 12 seconds for each guest. Not much time for conversation is it? Consider this: Half of the brides we photograph are choosing to eliminate their receiving line, which gets them to the reception 30-40 minutes sooner, leaving more quality time to socialize with the guests.


Excedrin Headache #8

If you have a cold and are traveling by plane, you may want to take a decongestant a few hours before taking off. If sinus pressure builds up while descending, it can be very painful. If you like to chew gum to relieve ear popping remember, most airports don't sell chewing gum, so you may want to pick some up beforehand.


Airline Menus

Most people are not aware that you can call your airline and request "special" meals. Just make sure you call in advance to make arrangements. Bon Appetite!



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