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This is the "traditional" version of how to split the wedding bill.

  • groom's ring
  • bride's gift to the groom
  • gifts to bride's attendants
  • bride's personal stationery
  • accommodations for her out of town guests
  • beauty appointments

  • engagement party
  • printed materials
  • bride's clothes & accessories
  • flowers
  • music
  • photography
  • hosting expenses for bride's attendants
  • transportation for the bride & her attendants
  • reception, catering & facilities

  • bride's engagement & wedding rings
  • groom's gift to the bride
  • marriage license
  • groom's gifts to his ushers and best man
  • flowers for the bride and mothers' corsages
  • accessories (excluding tuxedos) for ushers (includes flowers)
  • grooms & ushers' transportation
  • clergyman's fee
  • honeymoon expenses

  • groom's clothing & accessories
  • their clothes for the wedding
  • travel expenses they might incur
  • wedding gift for the couple [often their payment for part(s) of the wedding]
  • Optional: rehearsal dinner

    1. Reduce the guest list.
    2. Downsize from an elaborate affair to a less formal stand-up reception (buffet or hors d'oeuvres) or a brunch.
    3. Check with the hotel or catering hall for their prime times, We have found that Midday tends to be less expensive than evening. Sundays and weekdays are less than Friday & Saturday nights.
    4. Make certain not to over stay your welcome at affairs that spill over into evening hours, most venues bill extra for more time.
    5. Time of year is also a factor that influences cost. Peak months are April-May-June and September-October-November. Saturday evenings in December are usually booked for holiday parties. So, try for "off season" and the rates should be better on the catering hall and on lodging.
    6. Instead of a catering hall, change the venue to a backyard, or your church.
    7. Consider an "off" season. June and December holiday time are peak times with peak prices. Go "off" season instead.
    8. Include some do-it-yourself elements to your event (e.g., clothing, party favors, table decorations, addressing invitations, invitations, etc.).
    9. "Double book" the church and share the cost of flowers with the wedding or event that precedes yours.
    10. Look for bargains, but do not skimp on the photographer or decorations, since they will be your memory for your lifetime, beyond the wedding day.
    11. Economize on the professional services you are planning (i.e., a small band, a DJ, less photos, eliminate video, floral packages, personal mementos as attendant gifts, combine parties, previously owned clothing, etc.).  One way we offer to discount cost is to provide a photographic wallet sized favor.



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