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Keep in mind that the most popular months for weddings are May, June, September and October. I would highly recommend that you contract your wedding professionals very early for any of these months.


Twelve to Sixteen Months Before the Wedding

(Sixteen for May, June, September and October weddings)

   Determine the type of wedding you want.

   Select a wedding date and time. (Consider two alternate dates.)

   Visit with your clergy to set date and time of wedding.

   Set a tentative budget.

   Sign a contract with your Reception. (And caterer if necessary.)

   Sign a contract with your Photographer. (Hire an experienced professional.)

   Sign a contract with your Videographer.

   Sign a contract with your Band or Disk Jockey. (Make sure you hear them play first.)

   Make arrangements for Music and Soloist at ceremony.


Nine Months Before the Wedding

   Select wedding attendants, yours and his.

   Decide on your color scheme.

   Compile names and addresses of your guests.

   Choose your wedding gown and headpiece.

   Choose bridesmaids' dresses and accessories.

   Register your preferences at the bridal registries of your choice.


Six Months Before the Wedding

   Select and contract your limousine service.

   Help both mothers coordinate and select their dresses.

   Verify that all wedding attire has been ordered.

   Select your Florist and reserve the date.

   Complete your guest list.

   Order invitations and other stationery needs.

   Start planning your honeymoon.

   Choose your wedding rings.


Four Months Before the Wedding

   Finalize Honeymoon Plans


Three Months Before the Wedding

   Verify wedding date with your hired professionals.

   Select and reserve men's wedding attire.

   Address invitations and announcements.

   Purchase wedding accessories, garter, pillow, glasses etc.

   Confirm ceremony details.

   Plan rehearsal dinner. Make an appointment with your hairdresser.


Six Weeks Before the Wedding

   Mail wedding invitations.

   Plan seating arrangements and details with reception.

   Meet with florist to discuss color schemes and order flowers.

One Month Before the Wedding

   Get blood test and marriage license.

   Have final dress fitting for you and attendants.

   Break in your wedding shoes

   Schedule formal bridal portrait sitting.

   Purchase gifts for groom and wedding party.

   Order wedding cake.

   Finalize rehearsal dinner details.

   Pick up wedding rings and check sizing.

Two Weeks Before the Wedding

   Contact guests that have not yet responded.

   Verify all details with your photographer.

   Verify all details with your videographer.

   Verify all details with your band or disc jockey.

   Verify all details with your florist.

   Verify all details with your reception.

One Week Before the Wedding

   Assign duties to bridal party.

   Make sure you have your marriage license.

   Pick-up and try on your wedding attire.



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